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Dota and News

TI6 Fantasy & Player Cards

Thread by ras - Post by NTTC -

Post by NTTC


Thread by Gamertoc - Post by DESTRUCTIVE. -



Thread by Aro - Post by ras -

Post by ras

Ich habe das klassische, original Dota von eul nach Dota 2 portiert. Die Ursprungsmap, mit der alles angefangen hat!

Thread by arsjac - Post by HumanlyPuma -

Post by HumanlyPuma

DotaSource Stackings Thread by chuck

Thread by BuckChass - Post by kobold -

Post by kobold


Der schlaue Fragen Thread

Post by Grimm - Post by Grimm -

Magic: The Gathering

Post by fun_with_gamen - Post by fun_with_gamen -

Der Hip Hop-Thread - Hell YO!

Post by Shitstorm - Post by Shitstorm -

US Präsidentschaftswahl 2016 – Bernie wählen… und sterben?

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Now Playing

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Smalltalk and board games

Texas-Mafia #1 Tag1

Post by Ranavalona - Post by Ranavalona -

Foren User Quiz - hat Allgemeinbildungsauftrag

Post by Xephas - Post by Xephas -

Axel Stoll ist tot †

Post by The Little Digibird - Post by The Little Digibird -

Unterbelichtete Youtuber/YoutuberInnen/youtube​nde(m/w/m2f/f2m)-Sammelfaden

Post by stardust* - Post by stardust* -

Der "Dinge die ihr einfach mal mitteilen wollt" Thread

Post by ramius - Post by ramius -

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