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Dota and News

Welche Matches schaut ihr gerade?

Thread by Rouven1 - Post by 1nf3ct3d -

Post by 1nf3ct3d


Thread by Aro - Post by cRUNcherNO1 -

Post by cRUNcherNO1

GreenGaminG sucht Members!

Thread by Cordonbleu - Post by Cordonbleu -

Post by Cordonbleu

Anmelde Thread: Beat Buktus Cup (04.10 bis einschliesslich 10.10.21)

Thread by Xephas - Post by TiQQi -

Post by TiQQi


Thread by DanDrum - Post by TrayJay -

Post by TrayJay


Now Playing

Post by (nicht zum melden) - Post by (nicht zum melden) -

Go ne Schach?

Post by Outrage - Post by Outrage -

Der schlaue Fragen Thread

Post by Jan - Post by Jan -


Post by Blutt - Post by Blutt -

Lichess Bundesliga

Post by mallegrins - Post by mallegrins -

Smalltalk and board games

Der -Was mich aufregt- Thread

Post by boobold - Post by boobold -

Random Gifs / Webms / Videos

Post by Noe - Post by Noe -

Der "Dinge die ihr einfach mal mitteilen wollt" Thread

Post by Matlok - Post by Matlok -

Der "war ein interessanter Artikel" Thread

Post by THC-Veraechter - Post by THC-Veraechter -

Honklers Politikzirkus - Memethread

Post by boobold - Post by boobold -

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