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server Teamspeak 3 Server
Channel Eingangsbereich
Channel Dota 2
Channel Public Matchmaking #1
Client conny
Client Good Hulk
Channel Public Matchmaking #2
Channel Public Matchmaking #3
Client Lorenzorro
Client richard
Client headset muted Thunf
Channel Public Matchmaking #4
Channel Public Matchmaking #5
Client blexen
Client Kirito
Channel Public Matchmaking #6
Channel Public Matchmaking #7
Channel Inhouses
Channel Radiant
Channel Dire
Channel Andere Spiele
Channel Ark: Survival Evolved
Channel Counter Strike: Global Offensive
Channel Factorio
Channel Fortnite
Client is talking Irda
Client is talking primatum
Client RMD
Channel Hearthstone - Heroes of Warcraft
Channel Heroes of the Storm
Channel Overwatch
Channel Path of Exile
Channel Rocket League
Channel Smash
Channel Smite
Client Bam
Client TrancehILL
Channel Tabletop Simulator
private_channel Terraria
Channel Warcraft 3
Client may may machine
Client is talking Ognoc
Client porcupiney
Client Sozi93
Channel World of Warcraft
private_channel FPV2
Channel Community Channel
private_channel LFP
Channel Jan³IlliSlayer - Eingangshalle
Channel Jan³IllISlayer #ExternerBereich
Client Buktus
Client Illi
Client is talking Steffen
Client juice
Client microphone muted Warb
Channel Jan³IlliSlayer #LuboldsAFKchannel
Client is talking Jan
Client lubert der Gemeine
Channel Jan³IlliSlayer #Fabrikarbeit=GuteZeit
Client Apocalypso
Client LerYy
Client Morder
Client TrayJay
private_channel Friends without Benefits
private_channel Acquaintances without Benefits
Channel DSDE Brot und Spiele
private_channel Saufen
private_channel NP
private_channel FPV
private_channel Nils G Friton
private_channel Community - Weizen
private_channel Dota2 VIP Lounge
private_channel Roll20
private_channel Team Lachs
Client Lilalaunebär
Client mamas
private_channel Myrtana
private_channel Khorinis
private_channel Lauser und Stritzis
Channel Böse Wichte
Channel Lennschen&Partner
private_channel Nur für Sextouristen
Channel Nur für skillige Swagger
private_channel John Lennsons Reich
private_channel France Universalis IV
private_channel Bärchis Spieleecke
private_channel Bananendschungel | Heil dem Chris Prinz
Channel V-Town
Client dangerd
Client Jannik
Client r3c0Rd
Client ShaDoX
Client is talking YanGG
private_channel Ascendancy Dota
Channel sub-channel
private_channel asdfbude
private_channel FoH
Channel Die Wahren Skilligen Swagger
private_channel Mod-Bereich
private_channel ProgrammiererLounge
private_channel WOT
Port: 9987
Password: dota12
Channels: 66
Clients: 36/512
Der TeamSpeak 3 Server für alle deutschprachigen Dota Spieler und DotaSource Community Mitglieder!
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