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server Teamspeak 3 Server
Channel Eingangsbereich
Channel Dota 2
Channel Public Matchmaking #1
Client AnlimitedForce
Client is talking Batsam
Channel Public Matchmaking #2
Client headset muted Smetkid
Channel Public Matchmaking #3
Client headset muted S K IE IN I X @Robin
Client SteYeF
Channel Public Matchmaking #4
Channel Public Matchmaking #5
Client ceyNii
Client Xam
Channel Public Matchmaking #6
Client is talking Dr_appelmoose
Client Nihi
Client seb
Channel Public Matchmaking #7
Channel Inhouses
Channel Radiant
Channel Dire
Channel Andere Spiele
Channel Ark: Survival Evolved
Channel Counter Strike: Global Offensive
Client Kirito
Channel Factorio
Channel Fortnite
Channel Hearthstone - Heroes of Warcraft
Channel Heroes of the Storm
Client is talking Astraly
Client maxeeey
Channel Overwatch
Channel Path of Exile
Channel Rocket League
Channel Smash
Channel Smite
Channel Tabletop Simulator
private_channel Terraria
Channel Warcraft 3
Channel World of Warcraft
Channel Community Channel
Channel Jan³IlliSlayer - Eingangshalle
Channel Jan³IllISlayer III #Gemüsegarten
Channel Jan³IlliSlayer II# Doppeldecker -> Sieg
Client Buktus
Client is talking poobär
Channel Jan³IlliSlayer I #Bananendschungel
private_channel Friends without Benefits
Client Midna
Client Ogrelix
Client SSSSS
Client is talking WhoobWhoob
private_channel Acquaintances without Benefits
Channel DSDE Brot und Spiele
Channel Podcast #4 -420
private_channel NP
private_channel Nils G Friton
private_channel Community - Weizen
private_channel Dota2 VIP Lounge
private_channel Roll20
private_channel Team Lachs
Client Jamann
private_channel Myrtana
private_channel Khorinis
private_channel Lauser und Stritzis
Channel Böse Wichte
Channel Lennschen&Partner
Client M. Snijdre op van de Haag
private_channel Nur für Sextouristen
Channel Nur für skillige Swagger
Client Maik Schneider aus Münster
Client webcamgirl
private_channel John Lennsons Reich
Client John F. Lennson
private_channel France Universalis IV
private_channel Bärchis Spieleecke
private_channel Bananendschungel | Heil dem Chris Prinz
Channel V-Town
private_channel Ascendancy Dota
Channel sub-channel
private_channel asdfbude
private_channel FPV
private_channel Mod-Bereich
Port: 9987
Password: dota12
Channels: 60
Clients: 25/512
Der TeamSpeak 3 Server für alle deutschprachigen Dota Spieler und DotaSource Community Mitglieder!
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