WCG (World Cyber Games) 2019

    • finally we see the results of warcraft3 regional qualifier,i've been waiting for this.I also heard germany has very good players in dota2 and warcraft3 League. i'm excited to see what countries will come out on top.
    • germany has only trash players.
      maybe 1 good player @jomon
      Bester Satz von Max aka Genesis "Ey isch hab ebe gege braun im Armdrücke verlore - der macht alles aus dem Nacke. Ohne Witz hasch du schomma dem soi Nacke gsehe?"

    • Stream Contest

      For those who may be interested WCG is hosting a stream tournament where you could win tickets to the finals, airfare and accommodation included to the Xi'an Finals in July. All you have to do is stream and commentate on Dota 2 or any game of the regional finals. More details can be found in the link.

      WCG wrote:

      During WCG 2019 Xi’an, Regional Finals, WCG shall provide voice clean feed for those who wish to provide coverage.
      Streamers may choose specific region, game title and language to cover, and stream it on their own channel of preference.

      After all Regional Finals are done, 1 channel per region will be selected, based on following criteria:

      - Quality: Quality of commentary, overlay, thumbnail, etc.
      - Quantity: Number of live stream coverage and VODs produced
      - Professionalism: Promptness with schedule, use of professional manner when presenting, etc
      - Passion: Show of enthusiasm towards coverage during both on-screen and off-screen times.

      The winners will receive opportunity to be invited to Xi’an (free travel and accommodations), and may have opportunity to produce contents on-site!
      They also posted the schedule of when the games will take place, and even if you aren't interested in streaming you may use this to know when you can watch the matches. The German team should be playing on June 8. Good luck to all teams and to anyone participating in the streaming contest!
    • @daarkside
      wäre damals ein Dream für uns gewesen huh?



      Ich bin übrigens extrem skeptisch was das Playoff Format für die Regional Playoffs angeht.
      Ein komplettes Dota Playoff mit 8 Teams an einem Tag. Hört sich extrem ranzig an.

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      [20:00:08] Mark | iRiE^: jeder sieht auf dich auf warb
      [20:00:13] Mark | iRiE^: du bist das idol der jugend
      [20:00:17] Mark | iRiE^: der batman von ds
      [20:00:21] Mark | iRiE^: und nicetry is der joker

      Seraph wrote:

      Ich bewundere ja deine grenzenlose Toleranz gegenüber sozial schwachen Menschen.

      FME wrote:

      Warb, du bist ein Gott.

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