Rosterchanges, Reshuffles & Disbands (Sammlung im Startbeitrag)

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    • khezzus blog dazu. bin noch am lesen.


      khezzu wrote:

      We meet and I tell him that, I know I'm not Universe, or S4, Icex3, Mind Control and whatnot, but I fully believe in myself, and I know that I can become as good if not better one day, as the players they are looking at to replace me with. Also I said that I dont think we're missing much. Turns out we barely lost to the team that won TI. I was under the impression that we were so close to doing it, which is what makes me the most sad, out of all reasons. I truly believe we coulda stuck through this. And overall I just went on to speak my mind about how I feel and why I personally believe im valuable and what my assets are. I had alot of good reads on Heroes and Items. For example I spammed offlane Enigma n Puck before it got meta, I called Necrobook and the mom armlet build on Lycan before Kiev and I said Furion is super strong before the TI qualifiers. And all in all I know ive improved over the past few months. We continue the talk and I start to feel pretty clear about being kicked. Even if those two decline, I got the vibes that I'll be replaced anyway, but we'll get into that later. He said he thinks I need another year to be the player that you win every tournament with, which sure is fair, he's looking at other options cause they want to win every tournament and start winning, now. He thinks I've showed progress the whole time but, that he feels it's needed to do this as they dont want to lose anymore. And the replacement might be a better fit than me cuz he has more experience and is overall a good player.
      genau sowas meine ich. zweifel am eigenen können und sogar am eigenen bild von dota. kann an seiner eigenen persönlichkeit liegen oder halt an der teamdynamik. also will ich hier keine zu großen analysen droppen, aber es würde mich nicht wundern, wenn der kerl unter nem spontaneren captain aufblüht

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      Nice Meme

    • khezzus statement mal sehr erfrischendes antidrama, ging mir gut rein

      eventually there comes a point where it's like the true test for your team - will he cast a spell or will he not
      - Artour Babaev

      Und wenn beide dann nicht mehr stacken und der einer 6k Boi, der vorher 4k war, mit einem anderen 4k Boi spielt, dann ist er nicht mehr 6k, weil er reverse trägert, oder?
      - User des Monats
    • Ich fände das actually ziemlich lustig, wenn sich einfach ne große Gruppe nach dem International noch ein wenig trifft, um permanent reddit zu baiten
      Icefrog is just a idea. When he's gone, someone will take his place. He's immortal now.

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