Premium Travel Group TI X / '20 Stockholm

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    • Premium Travel Group TI X / '20 Stockholm


      I know I'm probably a bit early and maybe not in the right place, but however...I am looking for some DotA2 enthusiast how want to go to TI since it's the first iteration in Europe since TI I in Cologne back in 2011.

      Since this will be a one time experience for me I want to have it all, which means the best viewing experience money can buy. So I am looking for around 9 other DotA fans who share the love for the game and are also not shy to spend a little bit more money, paper, zeros and ones or whatever u want to call it.

      Since there is a lot of time until tickets will be available I am for now just looking if I can find enough ppl to make it happen.
      There will only be some basic ground rules… f.e. if not everyone is from the same country spoken language in the lounge would be english. And tbh I'd rather have 10 strangers than a group of 5 duos if you may understand.

      Looking forward to some of your replies…

      Ich war jetzt zu faul das wieder auf Deutsch zu übersetzen... :)